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Yin Yoga Certification - Energy Body, Meridians and Fascia

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Energy Body, Meridians and Fascia

with Sandra Carden, ERYT-500

10 mornings from
Monday to Friday
August 20-25 & 27-31
6:00am - 8:30am
Tuition $450


Yin (or Taoist) Yoga is nature-based and centuries old. It is the process of introspection toward intelligent alignment and letting go to that, allowing holistic remodeling open new pathways. Yin calls forth the forces of nature to enhance the body’s wisdom and own healing.

Through accessing and releasing connective tissue in long-held postures of repose, the physical body is cleansed and rejuvenated. Realigned to best channel prana, or life force, the energy body is sparked to life. The coursing of prana through the meridians, or nadis, awakens kundalini, the impetus to expand and shine. Focused breathing stills and clarifies the mind, erasing negativity and doubt and preparing the way for visionary accomplishment.

Yin Yoga is a great counterpoint and enhancement to more muscular, aerobic, or Yang Yoga styles. Yin Yoga affects joints by increasing lubrication and range of motion, and bone density through evenly held weight bearing.

This 30-hour Certification course is designed for anyone with some basic yoga experience, regardless of strength or flexibility. Those completing the course will receive a certification to teach Yin Yoga, although completion may be solely for your own health, insight and education.

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