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Sequencing Workshop with Sandra Carden, E-RYT 500


1 - 3:30pm


Sequencing in yoga means linking a series of asanas (postures) through breath in an intelligent and warming progression. Properly advancing in practice warms the body slowly and from within, rather than from an artificially heated environment. Build strength and radiance through proceeding mindfully and incrementally. This workshop is designed to prepare you for a more deeply healing yoga experience, whatever your level, or a smart and safe vinyasa flow.

Sandra Carden, E-RYT 500, has taught the ancient science and art of yoga since the early 1970s. Her fascination with the connective matrix of all existence is what led her to yoga. Yoga’s power to use the vehicle of the body to control and shape the mind is what has kept her interested. You will find her classes uplifting, intelligent, inspiring and fun.