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Yoga for Anxiety Relief



with Dorothy Sirrine

Sunday, December 10th

12 - 5pm


($99 after 12/10)


A Workshop for Those Dealing with Anxiety and/or for anyone who wants to support friends or family members dealing with anxiety.



  • Scientific & Yogic Perspectives of Anxiety

  • How Yoga can Positively Affect the Nervous System

  • Specific Calming Breath Techniques (pranayama)

  • Calming Asana Postures & Gentle Yoga Flows

  • Useful Mindfulness Approaches.



Thoughtful, encouraging, & light-hearted, Dorothy is a strong believer in the physical benefits that occur on the mat and the mind/spirit benefits that we carry off the mat and into our lives. Thus the yoga mat becomes a laboratory, or microcosm, to learn about life, to slow down, and to calm the nervous system. Her classes draw from diverse traditions including Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, & Kundalini. Having completed her 200-hour level teacher training with Sandra Carden of Union Yoga in 2009, she is also highly influenced by Sandra Carden's/Union Yoga's unique, alignment-based approach to hatha yoga. Dorothy loves to explore different approaches to yoga and encourages her students to do the same. She continues her training through workshops, conferences, yoga anatomy coursework, and mindfulness training.

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