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Mindfulness of the Breath

If you are curious about meditation but are having a tough time getting started, this workshop can help!

We will discuss meditation postures for sitting on a cushion, a bench or a chair. Then explore the Mindfulness of the Breath practice from a teaching of the Buddha, the Anapanasati Sutta. This beautifully simple teaching provides specific instruction about what to do with the wild stallion of the mind as we sit.

To establish the basic ground of mindfulness, the Buddha instructs his followers “to observe whether the body and mind are distracted or steady, angry or peaceful, excited or worried, contracted or released, bound or free”.From this ground of acceptance we can learn to use the transformative power of attention in a flexible and practical way. We need to work with outdated mental habits and cultivate those mental states that bring creativity, compassion and vitality.

About the teacher:

Robin Fisher, ERYT 500 is a Master Level student of Sandra Carden’s and has been teacher since 2002. She has been dedicated to in depth study of Yoga Ethics, meditation & Yoga and Buddhist practices for many years.

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