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The Y4 Tribe


Christen Landry, ERYT-500 Director, Teacher

Christen is a Yoga Alliance Certified Registered Yoga Teacher and received her certification through Sandra Carden & Union Yoga. She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and passionately teaching for 5 years. Having studied under master teachers including Sandra Carden, Matthew Darling, Garrick Peters, Raghunath Cappo, Karina Ayn Mirsky, Dana Baptiste, Sean Corn, Elena Brower and Sadie Nardini, she has had a wide range of exposure to many styles of yoga and brings that experience into her teaching.

In Christen’s classes you can expect to be challenged and inspired to trust your body as well as to be playful. She creatively infuses the sacred yogic philosophies, Ayurveda, alignment, core awareness, breath and spirituality into her teaching for a unique and well-rounded experience. She teaches many styles of yoga, including yin yoga, restorative yoga, chakra yoga, hatha yoga, yoga nidra and her favorite power & core vinyasa. Christen effortlessly creates a space where students feel accepted, welcome and safe, where judgment is absent and encouragement plentiful and because of this has a dedicated student following.


Sandra Carden, ERYT-500 Master Teacher

Sandra Carden has taught the ancient science and art of yoga since the early 1970s. Her fascination with the connective matrix of all existence is what led her to yoga. Yoga’s power to use the vehicle of the body to control and shape themind is what has kept her interested. You will find her classes uplifting, intelligent, inspiring and fun.

Sandra received her Yoga Therapist certification from Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and her Yoga Teacher certification from Master Yoga Academy. She has meditation directly under Ram Dass and Chogyam Trunpa Rinpoche. She is influenced by many styles and traditions including Kundalini, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, Kripalu, and Bikram, and has concluded that all paths lead to the same end. Just practice.

Sandra is a nationally registered Master level yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance. She received her BFA with emphasis on the The Human Quest for Liberation from Grand Valley State University, studying yoga history, philosophy and literature under renowned yoga scholar Georg Feurstein through the psychology department at Sonoma State University.

Sandra Carden founded UNION/YOGA LLC in 1989, and has trained and certified yoga teachers since 1997. As a practitioner of over 40 years, Sandra brings depth of experience, precision, compassion, wisdom, and love to her classes. She welcomes you all, and looks forward to serving you on the mat.


Kerry Satterwhite, RYT-500 Teacher

Kerry Satterwhite began practicing yoga in the late 1990s and immediately felt at home on the mat. With an early foundation in dance, yoga sparked her love of rhythmic movement. She has been a student of Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar, Vinyasa and Yin styles of yoga. Kerry brings an upbeat and thoughtful approach to her students with a mind toward the tangible benefits to the body, mind and spirit. By offering her students a range of options in the poses, students of many levels and experience are able to practice together and find their own edge in their practice. In May 2009, Kerry completed her 200-level teacher-training certification from Sandra Carden at Union/Yoga in Lake Leelanau, Michigan. Currently, she teaches in and around Leland, MI.


Dorothy Sirrine, RYT-500 Teacher

Thoughtful, encouraging, & light-hearted, Dorothy is a strong believer in the physical benefits that occur on the mat and the mind/spirit benefits that we carry off the mat and into our lives. Thus the yoga mat becomes a laboratory, or microcosm, to learn about life, to slow down, and to calm the nervous system. Her classes draw from diverse traditions including Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, & Kundalini. Having completed her 200-hour level teacher training with Sandra Carden of Union Yoga in 2009, she is also highly influenced by Sandra Carden's/Union Yoga's unique, alignment-based approach to hatha yoga. Dorothy loves to explore different approaches to yoga and encourages her students to do the same. She continues her training through workshops, conferences, yoga anatomy coursework, and mindfulness training.


Michelle Bordeaux, RYT-500 Teacher

Michelle or "Michi" fell in love with yoga 20 years ago. In searching to deepen her own practice and understanding she found herself in teacher training with Sandra Carden at Union Yoga. Graduating with her 200 hour certification and registered with yoga alliance, teaching came naturally for Michi. She loves how a yoga class can bring such peace and balance to the whole self...mind,body and spirit...and that it doesn't just stay there, in a yoga room, on your comes with you and ripples out into every aspect of your life. Believing in this Michi tends to say the whole world would be a better place if we all practiced breath at a time!


Jeanine Ball, RYT-500 Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Jeanine is a yoga and meditation teacher at Yoga4 in Lake Leelanau and around the world. She has many years of experience practicing and teaching meditation and inquiry. She brings a deep sense of living in the ever-changing moment to her love of yoga, meditation and spiritual teaching. She is a longtime teacher in the Ridhwan Spiritual School, home of The Diamond Approach®, teaching groups and individuals in the U.S. and Europe.


Emma Thomas, RYT-200 Teacher

Emma Thomas, born and raised in Lake Leelanau, is a recent graduate from the Yen Yoga Teacher Training program with Jenny Lintvedt. Having gotten hooked to her practice of Moksha Yoga while living in Montreal, Canada from 2013-2016, she has learned to adapt and experiment with new and different styles of Yoga since moving home to the county in January. This experience has helped her develop a deeper understanding of the practice she shares with so many other inspiring beings on this earth; Yoga is Yoga, and it will always have the same potential to bring peace, joy, and compassion into your life no matter what style is being practiced. For this reason she is looking forward to bringing an element of energetic experimentation to her classes, encouraging students to explore their creativity in mind, body, and breath, opening their eyes to their own inner strength and potential.


Julie Schwalm, RYT-500 Teacher, Thai Massage Specialist

Julie is a seasoned teacher that brings a decade of experience and knowledge into her classes. She received her 500 Master Level certified with Sandra Carden 2 years ago here at Yoga4 with the other members of the Y4 teaching staff. Julie is a mother, massage therapist and an amazing artist. Be sure to check out her glass figures for sale in the Boutique!


Lucy, The Y4 Studio Dog