Hypnotherapy & Tarot Readings

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To schedule an appointment call Karen at 757-472-8136 or email her at kschaffercht@gmail.com


Karen has been a full time Leland resident since 2017 and a summer resident since 1995. Her family has been in Leland since 1945.

Karen is a certified hypnotherapist with advanced studies in regression therapy. She is certified as a Reiki Master and a personal prophesy practitioner. She has also studied dream interpretation, dowsing with a pendulum, and the Tarot.

Karen offers personal hypnotherapy sessions in a private office as well as private Tarot readings. Her special interest is past life regression and life between lives regression.

Her interest in teaching will be bringing several classes, series of classes and workshops to Yoga 4 in the future. Classes may include: Introduction to the Tarot, Introduction to Self-Hypnosis, Dream Circle, Progressive Relaxation, Pendulum Dowsing, and Energy Healing for Self and Others.

Karen has been married for over 40 years to her husband John whom she met during freshman year at the University of Michigan. Together they enjoy traveling the world and visiting their grandchildren.


Join Karen for


Every Tuesday from

10 am - 3 pm

Private Tarot office readings.

20 min for $20

Sign up sheet at the front desk at Yoga4

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