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MASSAGE at Yoga4 - Room #4

Virtually every system of the body is affected by massage, either directly or indirectly. The skeletal system: Bone is affected indirectly by massage. Improved circulation of blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the bones. Joint stiffness and pain can be reduced. As the muscles become more flexible, joint movement increases. The muscular system: Some massage movements relax and stretch muscles, reducing muscular tension and cramp. Massage also makes muscles more flexible by reducing muscle tone. Muscles tired by exercise are more quickly restored by massage than by rest. The nervous system: Soothing massage can provide relief from nervous irritability and stress-related conditions such as insomnia and tension headaches. When used energetically to stimulate, massage may relieve lethargy and fatigue. Circulation system: Massage can improve the flow of blood, which can help poor circulation. This is especially useful for anyone who is immobile. Lymphatic system: Gentle massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps clear the body of a build-up of waste products. The relaxing effect of the massage can relieve stress, which in turn can boost the immune system. Respiratory system: As you become more relaxed during a massage, respiration may become slower and deeper as you are using your diaphragm for breathing and expending less energy. Physiotherapists use cupping movements over the base of the lungs to relieve chest congestion. Digestive system: Massage aids relaxation and therefore can help to increase the movement of food and waste products through the digestive system. This relaxation can have a balancing effect on the digestive system. Urinary system: Waste products that have been released during massage find their way via the blood to the kidneys where they may be filtered out and eliminated. Female reproductive system: Menstrual problems such as period pains and PMS can be alleviated by the relaxing effects of massage, as can menopausal symptoms.



Bodywork for Well-Being

I discovered the healing arts at 19, when bodywork and Kundalini Yoga both helped me immensely. I was suddenly diagnosed with an autoimmune dis-ease and found healing through each of these practices. My path became about studying healing arts in order to help others in the way that I’d been helped.

I moved to New Mexico to attend a full time, 780+ hour Massage and Healing Arts program at The Scherer Institute (now Santa Fe School of Massage) in Santa Fe, NM. The training was rooted in the healing qualities of touch, traditional Swedish techniques, and structural integration/Rolfing. Since then, I’ve gone on to study Ashiatsu (barefoot massage), Reiki, and Craniosacral Therapy with multiple teachers. My work has become a blend of my nature, experience, and training.

After completing a 2-year mentorship with Libby Robold of Yoga for Health Education, I received my RYT-200 designation. My primary yoga practices are Yin and Kundalini. I deeply appreciate how well yoga and bodywork compliment one another, and can’t imagine doing one without the other.

A northern Michigan native, I moved back to the area to reconnect with the amazing community and this beautiful environment. Most recently, I spent two years living, studying and practicing at SokukoJi Buddhist Temple Monastery in Battle Creek, MI. I am also a faculty member of Mindfulness Coaching School.

I’m inspired by how bodywork, yoga, and meditation can help one feel more at home in their body and continue to learn through each person I work with. I bring over a decade of practice and study to the table, to serve you on your path.

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Healing Deep Tissue & Sweedish Massage

Denise has had a lifelong interest in health, nutrition, and mind/body wellness as well as a passion for the arts, movement & dance. She earned a BFA (visual arts) at Wayne State University, began studying dance in Detroit and later in Traverse City which led her into performance and teaching creative movement with young children. While raising her own two children in a holistic lifestyle of organic gardening and nutritional health, massage became a regular practice at bedtime - providing comfort, relaxation and stress relief. Denise’s experience in movement and many years of yoga practice provided a foundation for body awareness, knowledge and challenges.

This awareness along with a strong intuitive sense and a desire to assist others in their health journey, brought her to the study of massage at Mind/Body Institute in Traverse City, MI. Denise believes in the healing power of massage and touch as a conduit for finding pathways toward optimum health. She employs good communication and listening to create a partnership with clients for an individualized treatment. Whether a person desires deep tissue work or Swedish relaxation, massage has the ability to have a profound impact on one’s body and mind. Massage is a gift we give ourselves!

Denise is honored and excited to join the wonderful Yoga4 team and share in all the great energy there!

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